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Volunteer Rally


February 12, 2024

In Calgary's icy embrace, the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games 2024 casts a warm, inviting glow, a testament to the vibrant energy of over 1,500 volunteers and the steadfast support of community partners like TC Energy. Renowned for powering homes and industries, TC Energy kindled a distinct flame within Calgary—a flame burning with passion, inclusion, and community spirit.

TC Energy's involvement with the Games is a compelling testament to the company's commitment to energizing not just industries but human connections and aspirations. Volunteers from every corner of Calgary and beyond were the sparks, while TC Energy's sponsorship of the volunteer program was the kindling that transformed these sparks into a roaring blaze of goodwill and excitement.

Volunteers gathered at the Volunteer Pep Rally on Feb. 11, fanning the flames of anticipation and excitement that are building within Calgary as the Games approach. Karen Dommett, General Manager of the Games, addressed the sea of eager faces with profound gratitude for the volunteers and their role in shaping the success of the multi-sport event. Athletes from across Canada will come to Calgary and pursue their dreams, a feat made possible by the community's foundational support through volunteerism.

TC Energy’s employees represent approximately 15 per cent of the volunteers who will be present in all venues, from the Nordic tracks to the bowling alley, striving to ensure the Games' success. Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of the event, creating lasting experiences for athletes and their families across the country and creating a successful and inclusive event for all.

François Poirier, Co-Chair of the Special Olympic Canada Winter Games 2024 and President and CEO of TC Energy, exemplifies his company's values, further brightening the gathering with words that resonated deeply with the collective spirit of the volunteers. He spoke of his fundamental belief in the transformative power of sport and reminded volunteers of their important role as powerful allies in fostering inclusive change for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

With the support of our volunteers and community partners, the Games have evolved into more than a mere sporting event. They have become a beacon of hope, promise, and inclusion, sparking a movement within Calgary, where neighbours support neighbours and strangers become friends, all united under the banner of the Games.

The cauldron, a symbol of the Games, stands as a shining example of TC Energy’s dedication to community and innovation. Designed by the company's own employees, the cauldron—which will be unveiled at the Opening Ceremony—celebrates the unifying experience of the Games and its inspirational athletes. As the Games progress, the flame that TC Energy will help ignite within the cauldron will symbolize not just competition but the power that arises from collective effort toward a shared goal. It proves that when we come together in support of our community, we can empower people, fuel dreams, and illuminate a city with pride and purpose.

Through their unwavering support, our volunteers and community partners have not only contributed to the success of the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games 2024 but have also kindled a spirit of community that will continue to burn brightly in Calgary long after the final medal has been awarded. Together, we have demonstrated that the true power of a community lies in its heart, and when harnessed, it has the capacity to change the world.

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